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Animated gifs were lepers — homeless and outcasted… until Tumblr came and gave them salvation.
— 出典
Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.
— 出典:Isaac Asimov (via unfunnydad)

(Source: wordsthat-speak)

I need to unneed you, but I don’t know how to want to unwant you. “Want” is a word you can’t unlearn.
— 出典
I want to make her happy; I want to be someone — hell, I want to be the only one who can make her happy. I want her to be happy… with me. But above all else, I just want her to be happy.
— 出典


Poetry offers a salvation
The way a sappy love song
Makes heartbreak sound like passion
That is both beautiful and wrong
The unfathomed illusion
Of being understood
By some strange magician
Who weaves words like you never could
But the best part of this trick
Is that it will stick
It will stick in your head
Until you’re going slightly mad
And then it will end
Poetry and whatever the fat lady sings…
They all have endings
Reality… isn’t that grand.

I’m just a faller who’s crazy enough to convince myself that I’m falling up.
— 出典

You’re my Achilles’ heel
You’re all the feelings I don’t want to feel
You’re every beast within me I can’t kill
The last angel whose wings won’t still


In my alternate universe, elephants are tiny and they don’t live indoors. Doors do not exist, and neither do windows. Walls are covered with mirrors displaying infinities. Hearts don’t get beaten up; they just beat. Mornings taste like sunshine and not tears. Dreams belong to sleeps and sleeps belong to night times. Space separates words and not souls. The past doesn’t stand a chance and nobody could care less what the future might hold, or if it will ever come, for that matter. In my alternate universe, alternate universes exist.

Life’s not stopping; we’re just slowing down. #idealifeline


You were a familiar face
That puts meaning and grace
Behind every beautiful phrase
You were every beautiful phrase
Back in the days
When we used to race—
the time, as it tried to erase
The trace…
Back to that place
Where we used to gaze
At our imaginary space
You were just a phase
From the days
You were just a phase
I can’t chase
Through the maze
Time has erased
Your trace…
You were just a phase
Forgotten in too many ways
You are just a phase